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High-Quality Content Creation

For a government organization, training is vital for complying with laws, and it’s an important risk management tool. Training and properly onboarding employees can reduce and even possibly help avoid litigation. Mindflash has the tools to create online courses that deliver a high-quality and interactive elearning experience. Content creation is easy with Mindflash-Perfect Content Conversion. Your content is preserved upon upload. This means your animations, slide builds, embedded videos, links, and audio are all retained and perfectly converted.

Mindflash LMS Trainee Progress Dashboard

Document and Report On Training

For compliance reasons, it’s a best practice to document the training that employees receive. Mindflash has the tools to document and track individual and organization-wide training progress and powerful reporting to make sense of it all. The reporting tools provide real, actionable information to make improvements to your courses and to ensure employees are progressing through the material. Better courses lead to more efficient training which leads to more productive employees. And it all starts with the data.

Automated and Optimized for Mobile

Keep everyone on track with automatic email notifications for course enrollment and completion. If you have employees on-the-go, Mindflash can be accessed anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. Whether it’s a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device, your employees will have no problems quickly and efficiently completing courses. Request a no-obligation demonstration today to learn more about the benefits of Mindflash for government organizations.

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