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Easy Online Cloud Learning

Mindflash provides the learning platform necessary for regulatory compliance, safety training, onboarding new hires, and ongoing staff training. It’s as simple as optimizing existing content, defining training groups, assigning specific trainer permission levels, and automating confirmation and reminder emails for employees. Even accessing and providing proof of employee course completion is mere clicks away with the securely archived training results.

Mindflash LMS Import and Create Files, YouTube, Quiz, Survey

Breakthrough LMS Innovations

Breakthrough innovations in the area of learning management set Mindflash apart from the competition, including:

  • Content creation – optimize existing content in any format, including SCORM files (Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline), Word docs, PowerPoints, voice-overs, and video
  • Enterprise integration – powerful and flexible administration tools help segment, automate, and integrate online training programs
  • Business analytics – see how cloud-based training impacts your business’s revenue, cost, and profitability
  • Custom branding – the white label option from Mindflash allows for the creation of a custom email, custom domain, and custom courses

Seamless and Accessible Learning

With Mindflash, employee training is both seamless and accessible. Our intuitive cloud-based LMS makes creating training programs for the entire workforce simple. And accessing the classes needed to meet training obligations has never been easier. Request a live demo today to see how Mindflash offers not only the administration tools your management team has been demanding but also the simple user interface needed to drive employee compliance.

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