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Since approximately 80 percent of our partner agencies are run by volunteers only, the required class allows the representatives to take the class at their convenience.
Elizabeth Cervantes / Agency Relations Director / Los Angeles Regional Food Bank


The L.A. Regional Food Bank’s partner pantry agencies are required to complete an annual food safety course to distribute food. Previously, all training and certification was done in-person either at the Food Bank or at the yearly agency conference.

However, several factors made training and certification difficult. First, the agency needed to train at least one member of over 400 different agencies — and many of those agencies employed only part-time volunteers, which often made scheduling a training appointment difficult. With only limited opportunities to train and certify partner agency staff, the Food Bank was often forced to certify large groups of people in-person at once, during the annual agency conference. As a result, the Food Bank could only deliver food safety training to a maximum of two members of each agency.


The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank turned to Mindflash to solve its training and certification problem. With Mindflash, the Food Bank was able to:


Since adopting Mindflash, L.A. Regional Food Bank has been able to train more than 200 partner agency staff members.
By urging partner agencies to utilize the online training, the Food Bank has relieved the crunch on space and time.
They've reduced resources that had gone into training so many people in-person and on-site.

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