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I needed a solution that would let me easily integrate my existing training materials as well as effectively test knowledge retention. PowerPoint support and quizzes make Mindflash the right tool for the job.
Tyler Haggin / Inside Sales Manager / GoEngineer


GoEngineer has been in the enterprise solution business for 25 years, with steady growth that has led to a distributed workforce spread throughout ten states. Further, due to the sheer breadth and depth of information that the sales and support staff must retain, the company must provide prolonged, repetitive training. New sales and support team members are given several refresher courses to maximize retention. Currently, the training efforts are being led single-handedly by Inside Sales Manager, Tyler Haggin.

Tyler doesn’t have the bandwidth to travel to each office in person, so he needed a cloud-based solution that would make remote training easy. He was also looking for something that could provide measurable feedback from trainees as well as allow him to deploy the refresher courses more effectively. “Cramming simply doesn’t work for the amount of information retention we require of our employees,” Tyler says. “We needed a tool that would offer continuous development.”


Tyler uses Mindflash as a complement one week of live training given to new hires. He breaks down the key concepts from the live training into a series of refresher courses, which are delivered as PowerPoint presentations over the following weeks. Team members must complete a quiz that uses a variety of Q&A formats to test retention effectively.

Tyler chose Mindflash because it:


GoEngineer has created a total of 14 courses which have more than 176 completions by 34 trainees.
They have streamlines the training process and work much more efficiently, which saves about 10 hours per month.
GoEngineer has been able to double the size of its sales and support staff because of this optimization.

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