Creating a Course

Create a Course

Mix a variety of content together to create the perfect course. Mindflash supports as many PowerPoints, Videos, Word and PDF documents as you need to make sure your course is just right.

Supported Files Types

Use the files you have (and software you know) to create courses. Mindflash supports PowerPoint, Video, PDF, Word, Articulate and Captivate files.

Powerpoint Conversion

Use PowerPoint files in your courses. Mindflash preserves your animations and supports embedded video and audio files.

Series of Courses

Option to require trainees to take multiple courses in the sequence you specify.

Presentation Arranger

View a visual timeline for your presentation, allowing you to review and adjust the order of the files that make up your course. You can hide slides, replace and delete files in the Presentation Arranger.

Course Dashboard

Monitor your course and see important information at a glance. Mindflash displays Trainer Information, Course Settings, Trainees Invited, Course Progress, Quizzes, Automated Emails, and Course Activity on the Course Dashboard.

Add Trainees

Preset who will take the course before your course is available to trainees. Mindflash supports required and optional course completion.

Video Conversion

Use videos and screen recordings in your courses. Mindflash maintains their native resolution, ensuring that they look great and are easy to read, even in full-screen mode.

Trainer Information

Personalize courses with your name, email address and a photo (optional). Mindflash adds this information to your course so trainees know who to contact with questions.

Course Catalogs

Provides an easy way to group courses or series, and saves time by eliminating the need to invite trainees to courses or series.

Course Settings

Customize each course’s settings. Mindflash supports the following options: Allow Trainees to Re-Take Course and Require All Quizzes to be Passed.

Record Audio

Record audio throughout your course, or to specific parts. Just go to the Arrange Content tab and look for the microphone icon at the bottom of the slides, then choose the slide where you want to add audio. This feature works on files originally created in Word, PowerPoint, and PDF. Audio can also be recorded on the Course Intro and Recap slides. A functioning microphone is all you need.

Peer Review

Send a preview of your course to your colleagues and other Subject Matter Experts. Mindflash allows you to send a preview to peers before your course goes live.

Creating a Quiz

Question Templates

Choose from six question types. Mindflash supports: Multiple Choice, Multiple Correct, True/False, Label Items in a Picture, Label Pictures, and Sequencing questions.

Quiz Setting

Randomize the order of your quiz questions. Mindflash will present question in random order to give each trainee a unique quiz (optional).

Multiple Setting

Insert quizzes in your training presentation. Mindflash supports up to 10 quizzes for each course.

Automatic Grading

Set the correct answer for each quiz question. Mindflash will grade each response and return the quiz score.

Question Setting

Customize settings for each quiz. Mindflash lets you assign different point values for each question (optional).

Quiz Placement

Insert quizzes at any point in your course. Mindflash supports quiz placement between PowerPoint slides, between videos, and at the beginning or end of your course.

Account Personalization


Upload your company logo and add a company description (optional). Mindflash will add your logo to all Trainee-facing pages.

Access Controls

Ability to define administrator, trainer and manager roles that control access to account settings, billing, content and more. Also, administrators can control which trainee groups (i.e. Sales, Texas) trainers and managers can access.

Sell Courses

Generate revenue by selling your courses online with Shopify, our ecommerce partner.

Website URL

Create a custom URL for your training website ( or use your own website domain ( Mindflash allows you to easily change your URL from the Account page.

Color Palette

Choose from 3 unique color palettes. Mindflash will apply the colors you choose to all Trainee-facing pages.

Custom Certificates

Customize course completion certificates with your logo, colors and branding.

Managing Trainees

Trainee Profile

Enter first name, last name, email address and time zone for each trainee. Mindflash maintains a complete profile with courses completed and scores earned.

API and Single Sign On (SSO)

Use the API for SSO (Active Directory, Salesforce, SAML 2.0), trainee management and reporting. API docs

Import From File

Add users from an Excel file with a simple upload. Mindflash lets you map the fields from your file to the fields in the trainee profile.

Trainee Status

Swap trainee status between “active” and “archived” anytime. Mindflash maintains archived trainees records, but they won’t be able to access your training courses.

Automated Messaging

Automated Emails

Setup the emails you’d like your trainees to receive. Mindflash will automatically sends invitation, reminder, and completion emails based on your preferences.

Individual Reminders

Send a reminder email to an individual trainee anytime (optional).

Customize Emails

Customize email templates with your own message and signature (optional). Mindflash will send the emails at the appropriate time.

Public Sign Up Web Page

Allow trainees to sign up for a course from a public-facing web page. Mindflash will host the page and registration flow and let you know when someone signs up.

Service and Help

Help and Feedback Tab

Get help directly from within the product. You can access our User Community, submit an idea for the product, and read or vote for others’ ideas using the 'Help and Feedback’ tab from any screen in our application.

Support Forum and Community

Get help, tips, and advice from Mindflash experts and other Mindflash users on our support and community forums.

Billing Options

Pay monthly with a credit card or annually (discounted) with a credit card or invoice.

Support Video Library

We provide several videos that will help you get started and take advantage of all the features and functions that you need.

Feedback Forum

Use the Feedback forum to submit your ideas on how to improve Mindflash, and vote on ideas from other Mindflash users.

VIP Consulting

Web conference training that provides setup help and best practices for success.

Trainee Experience

Course Player

Trainees take training in the course player. Mindflash provides an intuitive design that is easy for trainees and highlights your course.

Email Communication

Trainees receive the emails you designate. Mindflash will automatically send email communications on your behalf to invite, remind, and congratulate trainees.

Trainee Dashboard

Trainees are presented with a complete list of courses they need to take and results of courses they have already taken. Mindflash maintains this page and handles trainee login and password resets for you.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Trainees can take your course whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them. Mindflash is a hosted service, so there’s no software to install or download; trainees just need a computer, an iPad or an Android tablet and an internet connection to take courses.


Automated Reporting

Keep track of trainee activity in real-time. Mindflash automatically tracks and reports on trainee activity.

Detailed Reports

See detailed information for each course. Mindflash reports course progress, trainee name, individual quiz scores, and last activity date.

At-a-Glance Report

Monitor key information directly from your Course Dashboard. Mindflash provides a convenient snapshot report.

Export to Excel or PDF

Export reports to Excel or PDF. Mindflash lets you get a report in the format of your choice.

Hosted Solution

Frequent Product Updates

We’re constantly making updates to Mindflash: adding features, fixing bugs, refining workflows, and more, all based on user feedback.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

You’ll be able to keep track of your training, make changes and monitor trainee progress wherever you are because Mindflash is a hosted service. You just need a web browser and an internet connection to run your entire online training program.

No IT Needed

You don’t need anything other than a web browser and internet connection to get started. No IT support, nothing to install.

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